1969-2010 OUR FIRST 40 YEARS!!

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1969-2010 OUR FIRST 40 YEARS!!

 A Brief History 

Cantril's Glory male lodge was formed just over 40 years ago, the lodge initially drew it's membership from the newly built Cantril Farm housing estate. The membership grew rapidly during the early 1970's as both new members and members from lodges based in the city centre decided to transfer into the lodge as they were re-housed into the locality. However, the boom didn't last long as many of the new members fell away, and numbers declined to worrying levels by the late 70's. Gradually over the following decade the numbers recovered to a level were as recent as 4 years ago the lodge was able to sponsor a new lodge Pride of the Village LOL309, which was formed to strengthen the districts make up.

The first Worshipful Master of the lodge was Bro William McClean with whom the lodge still retains a great friendship, following his return to Ulster. The lodge has only had three other Worshipful Masters since that time namely, Bro Dave Woods, Bro Dave Meall, and Bro Steve Kingston.

The lodge currently has some 20 members, and a concerted effort is made by the officers to make both the youngest and oldest members feel comfortable within the lodge. Active discussion is encouraged on all topics which come before us, and we have a good mix of youth and experience.

The lodge has it's own Concertina and Accordian Band, which is made up entirely from members from within our own district, and the band has travelled all over England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to support parades. The band has it's own website where it's activities are covered.

The lodge meets on the 4th Monday of the month at Liverpool Provincial Orange Hall, and a warm welcome awaits visitors, and prospective new members alike.

The lodge is proud to have been given permission to have a portrait on our banner, of the Late Bro W H Wikes who served as Imperial Grand President and Grand Master of England.